This THREE WEEKS ONLINE program gives you mastery of whole, real food remedy for optimum vitality.

This GENTLE, EFFECTIVE, EXPRESS detoxification takes you step-by-step through a proven system to eliminate foods and drinks that tend to cause sluggishness, poor digestion and contribute little to nutrition.

Follow the simple steps outlined in details in this 21 days experience. Focus on self-care and pleasure. Experience the return of your optimum energy and well-being.

The Food Focus Detox is an online program created by Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator & Wholefood enthusiast,  qualified Nutritionist and founder of BE Well Vitality.

The detox in your power!



1. Identify which foods, habits and environmental products are likely causing you to exceed your natural detoxification capacity

2. Eliminate foods that slow you down to replace by foods that lift you up

3. Restore the balance of your digestive tract and focus on a nourishing cleanse now for good health in the future

4.  Ease your way into detox, ease your way out and be kind to yourself along the way


This course is your first step if you are ready to

  • Stop not feeling at your best
  • Learn tips and tricks to support your energy and immunity
  • Stay away from excess calories, sugars, alcohol and all the food that does not serve you best
  • Eat better and live better for healthy longevity
  • Be back in tune with your body and your essence
  • Nourish your body & your mind

It’s not for you if…

  • You are not ready to commit time and focus on changing your eating patterns over three weeks
  • You are suffering from chronic conditions that need to be addressed before getting in charge of your food choices by yourself
  • If your food choices may interfere with medications you are on (check with your medical practitioner)

The detox in your power!


The Food Focus Detox is a guided three-week exploration. It is super simple to follow so you focus on the experience.

Once you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to the first email and book your one-on-one conversation. Then you will receive all documentation and guidance as you need it, so you can pace yourself and ease into changing your eating habits.

The Food Focus Detox includes:

  • Three one-on-one sessions from the comfort of your home at a convenient time for you.
  • One personal detox assessment. During this 45 minutes session, we will assess your personal template and make personalized adjustments that are unique to your needs.
  • Two follow-ups to ensure you stay on track and to measure your progress.
  • Each week you will receive new protocols, challenges, recipes, and handouts. All materials are available 24-7 so you can learn and apply for long term improvement.
  • A complete meal plan which caters for today’s busy lifestyle.
  • Recipes that are easy to prepare & taste great.

Note: We may recommend additional supplements or functional testing that are not included in the program.

Self-Care & Pleasure


Valerie is a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood Enthusiast. Based on her French culture, Australian experience and Sailing adventures around the world, she provides guidance to women ready to live life to the fullest and feel Confident, Light & Free. Her passion is to share the power of Lifestyle Medicine for healthy longevity.
She is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher who believes in the potential of wholefood and mindfulness for good health and wellness. She consults both in English and French all around the world and from her studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Is the Food Focus Detox time-consuming?

No.Valerie picked-up recipes that are quick to prepare and tasty, so time spent in the kitchen has been minimized. You also have the option to cook in batches.

I’ve heard horrible experiences from detox and I’m scared of starving or feeling tired.

The purpose of the Food Focus Detox is to remove foods that slow you down, clog your sinuses, cause gas and bloating and make you hold on unnecessary weight, so you feel tired and foggy. However, removing these foods is not about abstinence, but about abundance. It is not about removing without replacing.  The goal here is to learn to nourish your body and mind with tasty food and grounding practices. Through this comprehensive program, you will learn about food as well as about removing habits or environmental toxins that hold you back.

Do I have to stop coffee and/or alcohol for three weeks?

Detoxification is a time you take for yourself to give your body a rest and find your energy naturally. Both coffee and alcohol are liquid substances that put a strain on your liver, the main detoxification organ. Both are mainly used to boost you up or relax you down. It is highly recommended to detox from these substances at least two times a year. Through the program, you will learn to manage stress and energy naturally so you won’t need those external pick-me-ups. 

Do I need to be a good cook to go through the Food Focus Detox?

No. You definitely don’t need to be a chef (and I’m certainly not). The recipes are simple and do not require specific cooking skills. Basic cooking tools will be handy as well as some time spent in the kitchen (and you will definitely learn how to find that time from your busy schedule). 

Can I share the detox program with my family?

Surely. All recipes can be shared with the family. With a few adds-on, quick to prepare, your husband and kids will benefit and love the recipes. 

Do I have to take supplements during the program? 

The recommended supplements are not required, only recommended. If you choose to explore additional support for your detoxification through nutritional supplementation, you will receive a link to order online (Australia only) and will get delivered at your door. Supplements costs are not included in the program as they are individually recommended. 

Can I follow the Food Focus Program if I’m not living in Australia? 

You sure can. All the materials are online or sent to your mailbox. If you choose to support your journey with nutritional supplements, and you are not living in Australia, we can recommend some European brands. You need to order these by yourself. 

The Detox in your Power


Thanks Valerie I have enjoyed the last days incredibly. I could not be happier. In fact I am sharing my ‘continuing ‘ experience with all who will listen. I now feel that mentally I am ‘vegie’ forward / not craving grains or bread. What a difference  few weeks in a lifetime can do for your spirit and good health. I was sure I could do it, but with you by my side it was pure joy. Thank you.” – Suzanne, NSW