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The fasting lifestyle system is your opportunity
to reverse the effects of menopause and ageing
on your body and on your mind  

If your body doesn’t feel yours anymore, if you are cursed with bloating and weight gain, if your energy plummets and your metabolism inexorably slows down, there is no better time to get back into the driver’s seat of your health and wellbeing.

Over 6 weeks and 9 steps, you will transform your body, deepen your perceptions and adjust your habits so you live the active and productive life you deserve after 40.

As you dive into the content at your own pace, you will explore the dimensions of eating, fasting and living to overcome menopause and ageing and their myriad of symptoms and discomfort. In addition, you will optimize your health and enlighten your mind.

If you want your mojo back, this system gives you the keys for meaningful and fulfilling relationships with your food and with yourself. Through the understanding of your symptoms and feelings, this program empowers you to master this hectic period of life and to reverse engineer some of the metabolic and mental disagreements you experience.

As you step further into the Fasting Lifestyle System, you gain clarity on your eating habits, you bring simplicity into your life and you live authentically for long term healthy longevity.

The Fasting Lifestyle System is a safe and researched environment that will bring you back in control with your food, your body and your life.

Get Your Mojo Back!

The benefits of the Fasting Lifestyle System

  • Habit a body that works well and looks good

  • Maintain high energy & alertness

  • Enhance mental clarity & emotional balance

  • Improve resilience & dampen stress

  • Find relief from bloating and pain

  • Feel in control & enjoy life


 Feel Confident and in Control

This system is for you

  • If you are at that stage of life where you feel unhappy about how your body is transforming and ageing.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, overweight and/or worn out.
  • If you turn to Google to get some answers and just get more unhappy and overwhelmed.

The Fasting Lifestyle System gives you the steps you need to simplify your life while matching your lifestyle, your social life and your taste.

It’s not for you if

  • You are not ready to tweak some of your current habits
Holistic-Healthy-Living Method

Live an active & productive life without feeling deprived


  • Simple –  The System is easy to implement and powerful
  • Valuable –  The System adds value to your life and incorporates YOUR core values about life
  • AdaptableThe System is personalized to your lifestyle and personality


  • Not about deprivationYou learn to become in control and at ease with food and eating patterns that work for you.
  • Not a fad dietYou don’t count calories, you don’t manage food groups neither you chase down meal plans.
  • Not a quick fixYou stop rushing and forcing. You start listening and tuning in.


The Fasting Lifestyle System is 6 weeks – 9 steps online method you can follow at your own pace.

Over 6 weeks, you will

• Get clarity about your roadblocks and habits that contribute to your symptoms
• Learn to navigate menopause and healthy ageing with a few tweaks in your habits
• Improve your resilience so you cruise through your middle life
• Understand the deep connections between your food, your body and your mind
• Master the art of eating and fasting for longevity and happiness

The Fasting Lifestyle System includes

• 9 steps with 30-minute video at each step
• Some self-evaluation practices to learn more about yourself
• Step-by-step seed sheets and checklists to stay on track
• Your questions answered once a week
• Your personal Fasting Lifestyle System journal to keep a record of your progress

The Holistic Healthy Living Method does not include

  • Nutritional supplements or any functional testing

Get Your Mojo Back



The Fasting Lifestyle System is a System created by Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator & Wholefood enthusiast,  qualified in Nutritional Medicine, Massage Therapy and Yoga. She is the founder of BE Well Vitality.
Based on her French culture, Australian experience and Sailing adventures around the world, she provides guidance to women over 40 ready to live life to the fullest. Her passion is to share the power of Food Fast and Mindfulness for healthy longevity.
She consults both in English and in French all around the world, online and from her studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
holistic healthy living methodHolistic-Healthy-Living Method
holistic healthy living method


Is fasting healthy?

Over the last decades, the main message was to eat small meals more often. The rise in obesity and the pandemic of chronic disease such as diabetes question this ingrained belief that we do better with regular food intake. Back in the ’70s, there was no such thing as snacking.
Numerous scientific studies show that fasting is beneficial in terms of healthspan and lifespan for most people. When you do adopt a Fasting Lifestyle, you live longer, healthier. However, fasting does not suit everybody (see next question). The Fasting Lifestyle System dive into the science and experience of fasting for feeling good and stay healthy.

What is the best fasting routine?

Fasting is not a single thing. It’s a range of behaviours. All of them have potential benefits on ageing and health, from the least extreme, called time-restricted eating to an extended fast. This is what suits your body, your lifestyle and your taste that counts. The Fasting Lifestyle System has been designed to guide you through fasting behaviours and find the one that suit you best.

Who should not fast?

I’m joining fasting specialist, Dr Valter Longo, to invite you not to fast if you are:
– A pregnant or breastfeeding women
– Child or teenager
– Underweight (BMI under 19)
– Suffering from eating disorders. Caution and supervision needed if past eating disorders
– Over the age of 70 (unless you get your doctor approval)
– Experience liver or kidney disease
– Under medication treatment, your doctor approval is warranted
– Hypotensive (suffer from chronic low blood pressure)
If in doubt, always check with your medical practitioner prior to changing your eating habits. Find an experienced coach to guide you safely into a Fasting Lifestyle appropriate to your personal situation.  

How to adopt a fasting lifestyle long-term?

There are many fasting approaches, scientifically supported, that create positive health outcomes without compliance problems. The question is to find the method that matches your personality, your lifestyle and your taste. So fasting becomes practical and sustainable.

I’m afraid to feel hungry

Keep in mind your appetite is hormonally driven. By addressing hormonal balance first you become at peace with your transient urge for eating. I’ve seen it countless times. Hunger is where the magic happens. In the Fasting Lifestyle System, you learn to eat well to fast well.


Live an active & productive life without feeling deprived



” I feel fantastic! This program is the best I’ve never done. I have lost weight, I’m not feeling my stomach so big and my focus is much much better. I didn’t realize before that my head was foggy, and that I couldn’t think straight. Now I perform better, I go from task to task easy. I just didn’t realize before this program how much diet affects your ability to think and to focus amongst all other things.” – Dorrie, Teacher, ACT

I loved the structure of this program. Changing behaviours/ habits is difficult, but changing one or two behaviours at a time and substituting them for a better alternative is fantastic way of changing behaviours in the long term. This program is good value for money because I have a way of eating and living that is for the rest of my life, and I believe that I now have the tools to maintain this.” – Pauline, Accountant, QLD

* These testimonials have been collected from the last version of the Fasting Lifestyle Program. From the new version, you can expect more!