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About Valerie Perret

Hello,  I’m Valerie Perret. I am a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood enthusiast, creator of BE Well – Feel Light™ & Food Focus Detox™ programs. My professional focus is to facilitate your access to your transformative power, so you create a well-nourished body and a happy well – balanced life. 

I consult both in English and French. In addition to my local practice in West-End, Brisbane, I support women all around the world.


“Valerie is not only a brilliant therapist
but to be in her presence is also a
big hug for your soul. Valerie is truly
professional yet personable. She always
consults on what you want to achieve
and then delivers to the highest level.”
 Julie, Mum of 3

“I am really happy that I have followed Valerie’s nutrition guidance. Without her informed advice I wouldn’t have the pleasure to live a normal and treatment-free life.”
– Jacques

“Val is amazing! I have been going to Val for over 6 months now for a workplace neck and shoulder massage.  I was having problems with my shoulder and with Val’s care and amazing technique I now have complete movement again.  6 months ago I would not have been able to handle a massage but now look forward to my weekly visit“
– Patricia D