Valerie Perret

Wellness Facilitator
Qualified Nutritionist
Yoga Teacher
Massage Therapist

Who I am

  • A qualified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist
  • A food lover and a fasting aficionado
  • The founder of BE Well Vitality
  • A nomad, in love with the sailing lifestyle
  • A curious reader, fast learner and researcher at heart
  • I’ve got a mission: to help women over 40 transform the chaotic  10-year menopausal window into a vibrant and explorative time

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine)
Diploma Remedial Massage
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist (Module II)
Yoga Teacher, 350 Hours
Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (underway)

Accredited member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

I’d love To Meet You In Person Or Online!

Main Office: Brisbane – QLD
Fb and Insta : @bewellvitality
Email: valerie @

My story

Born in France, I grew up between the city life of my parents and the country lifestyle of my grandparents, between strolling the streets with my heavy schoolbag and roaming over rows of carrots, tomatoes or strawberries.

Since that time, I respect the hard work involved in producing food. Since the long afternoon spent on picking, peeling and preserving, I honour food prepared for me. Since biting the fruit right from the tree, I remember the deep sensual pleasure that goes with it.

On most days I wake up around 5:30 am to jump on my yoga mat. After moving consciously my body for 45 min, I reach my meditation bench. Only then I enter the world that surrounds me, just after my glass of water. And yes, I haven’t checked my email or my Facebook page, yet 😊

My first real job was in sociology research. A clue on my intrinsic capacity at being an observer and a listener, fulfilling my love for writing. I started to acknowledge human diversity and talk about non-conventional matters that concern my fellows’ citizens. In the background, my digestive issues and asthma made my (social) life miserable. Looking for toilets each time I was going out was not fun 😒

My call for new horizons got me on a sailboat for four adventurous years around the world. A game changer! No more gut pain, nor diarrhoea. My residual asthma mastered through freediving. And so many encounters to fulfil my need for connections. Don’t misinterpret me here, you don’t need to go at sea for four years to get better 😁 I’m talking about the science called epigenetics – more about that later.

After a detour in Human Resources for a few years – again my love to connect and care – and the return of some old digestive symptoms, I’ve decided 1. To take care of my health again 2. To understand the principles behind going better, so I can share and help others still suffering. And here I was, 40+, in a classroom again, surrounded by a diverse population of students.

I’ve now got the privilege to share with women over 40 what I deeply believe in. That is, we all have the power over our stuff when we are ready, when we find our mentor, when we adopt a high standard for ourselves, and when we honour the planet.

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve got a deep passion for learning, caring and sharing and I can help you in English or in French, online or in person.

What about you?

Tell me something you are believing in as a woman after 40. Or something you are experiencing or struggling with.  I really mean it. Write me back! At least tell me what made you read my bio. Your questions and response are what inspire the free content of my blogs and posts.

Yours in Health and  Wellness, Valerie

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